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SMTP, POP, IMAP setup details

MailWish mail server details Incoming server settings IMAP Server hostname: Port: 993 Require SSL: Yes, SSL/TLS Authentication: Normal password For backward compatibility, IMAP

1) How do I set up an MX record? Setting up an MX record at your domain registrar/DNS provider (for your domain

Of course! Not only you can transfer all your contacts and emails to Megamail but we do it for you for free!

Yes,  At this moment it is possible to add Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo accounts in our Webmail.

Simple, All you need to do in the Megamail Mail ( is to click on the top-right button: Pro tip: You can

Solution: You have to add Megamail MX records and check you don’t have Google MX records or any other MX in your